Volunteer for the MALP’s and MNBG’s Arbor Day Expo

Please turn out and help make this wonderful event a success!!!

We have a few shifts for volunteers which we need to fill:

Thursday10/31/20199am-->12 and 1pm-->4
Friday11/1/20199am-->12 and 1pm-->4
Saturday11/2/20198am-->2 and 2pm-->7

Event volunteer tasks include, but are not limited to: general garden maintenance, event setup, sugarcane juice/water/snack sales, front/back gate security, plant experts, MNBG and MALP merchandise sales, guest greeters/counters, free tree ticket distribution, MNBG and MALP information booth helpers, photography, and cultural activity helpers, and event breakdown.

Please CONTACT US to let us know if you are available

...or sign up directly HERE.

Thank you very much!!!